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Improved quality of life

  • Home Away from Home participants take part in a wide variety of organized activities designed to keep both mind and body strong.  Scheduled and safe time spent socializing with others can increase well-being for the whole family. Round trip transportation and meals are provided, and our daily calendar is filled with diverse activities, entertainment and socializing opportunities.  (Golden years has a good line:  changing how you live, Not where you live!)

Healthcare and Medical Services

  • Licensed registered nurses are centrally located on-site at our facility to provide access to medical care and monitoring.  In addition, we have visiting physicians and other specialists such as dentists, podiatrists, speech therapists, physical therapists and more.  We often have continuing health education talks during the month? We provide on-site emergency medical care to provide piece of mind should the need ever arise.  


  • Round trip, door-to-door transportation is provided for all clients and extends to those who qualify within a 25 mile radius of our location.  

Two Meals daily

  • We provide 2 meals each day that are not only deliciously well-balanced, but are planned by a registered dietician.  We cater to ethnic preferences and dietary limitations.  


  • On-staff social workers are available to provide assistance in obtaining social services and personal affairs management. 

Benefits to Program

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