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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adult Medical Day Care the right next move for my parent(s)? 

  • If your parent(s) is living at home but has some health concerns that make you, or him/her, worried to be on their own, HAFH could be a wonderful source of comfort for you and a great opportunity for him/her to be busy and social while their health is monitored.  

I have a special diet, can HAFH work with my diet requirements so I can enjoy            the 2 meals or do I need to bring food with me? 

  • Yes, we have a registered dietitian on-site who caters meals and snacks to our participants’ dietary needs and ethnic preferences.

My mom is interested but she prefers to sleep late, do you have afternoons available?

  • Yes - we have 2 sessions available to choose from.  Morning session run 8:30am - 1:30pm.  Afternoon session runs from 1:30pm - 6:30pm.   


Do I need to attend every day? 

  • While we encourage and feel participants will get the most benefit from attending every day, we understand everyone has different individual needs and lives.  To that end, HAFH allows participants to attend 1-5 days a week.  And they have the chance to choose and change between morning and afternoon shifts.


If my mother doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, can she still go to HAFH?

  • Yes, there are alternative ways to pay for this program and private pay is also available. 
    Click here for more information on eligibility.  

Can I bring my parent in to tour your facility and see what it’s like before we decide? 

  • Yes please do!  Enjoy lunch on us while you are here!  Why not call us now at 973-662-9191 to schedule your tour?   Chat with us in link below to get started... 

I don’t live near Nutley, can I still come to your center?

  • If you live within 25 miles of Nutley, qualified participants can attend our program!  We offer free round-trip, door-to-door transportation within 25 miles of our facility. 

What happens if I have a doctor’s appointment during a day when I am supposed to come in? 

  • HAFH can often assist and provide transportation to/from your doctor’s appointment.  Give us a call to discuss this further to see if we can arrange this for you!  973-662-9191.  

Will I have fun at your program?  What kinds of things do you have going on? 

  • HAFH provides a varied schedule filled with all sorts of activities, recreation, entertainment and classes - all designed to keep the mind and body engaged and entertained.  Folks here have a lot of fun, in fact, some participants who were nervous they might be bored and were scared this wasn’t really their type of thing, are now our biggest fans and have brought in their friends to join in!  Click here to take a look at our sample schedule -- or call us now to get more information @ 973-662-9191.

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