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What We Offer

Improved quality of life

Our program has a wide variety of organized activities and programs designed to engage, enrich, exercise and entertain.

Healthcare and Medical Services

We offer on-site health care staff as well as visiting physicians, visiting specialists such as dentists, podiatrists, speech therapists, physical therapists, specialized and supportive social workers.  Pharmacy, lab and other medical services are available.


Specialized social workers provide counseling to help participants benefit from various social services.  Guidance and support is available to manage personal affairs. 


We provide free round-trip, door-to-door transportation services to our participants who reside within a 25-mile radius of the center.   We will also assist you with transportation to and from other medical providers as needed (e.g doctors, dentists, etc).

Meals and Snacks

Two dietitian-designed meals are provided to all participants each day.  We cater to ethnic preferences and diet limitations.  We also provide snacks that include: healthy fruit, vegetables, crackers, and the occasional cookie ;).


Arts & Crafts, Games, Choir, Painting, Pool, Ping-Pong,  but really they are too numerous and too much fun to list.  You need to see to believe it! Check out a sample schedule here

Recreation and Celebrations

Line Dancing, Bowling trips, Month-end Birthday parties, Holiday Celebrations

Salon Care for men/women

Open daily and free of charge

Movement Classes

Stretch class, Yoga, Chair Yoga


Large screens for movie watching, dance shows, Karaoke, (how do we list the entertainment you hire?  are there magic shows?)

Gym Visits

With your doctor's permission we make weekly trips to LA Fitness Gym

Outings and Trips

Get your weekly food shopping out of the way and delivered with you to your door!  We also take trips to beautiful Nutley parks, local shopping trips to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Metropolitan Opera, AMC Movies, Museums, and more...  you guessed it too numerous to mention.


Bingo, SuperBingo, Dominoes, Pokeno, Dice, Puzzles, Karaoke, Basketball game, Memory...  much more.

Computer Use

Dedicated Wifi for all program participants.  Bring your own device or use one from the internet cafe.

What We Offer

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