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On June 23rd, 2019, the ‘Beyond 21’ day program hosted a Conference at Home Away From Home Adult Medical Day Care Center in Nutley NJ entitled "Living on your own Successfully."   This conference was geared toward Support Coordinators and family members of Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, age 21 and older, who had interest in seeking successful alternatives to group home living arrangements.


Please click on the links provided below for printed and video versions of presentations: 


Attain and Gain / Roman Rubin and Diana Flanagan





Bright Path Consulting /Abbe Greenberg*





DDD / Courtney Davey








ENABLE / Fara Vilensky










Infinity Tomorrow / Errol Seltzer*










United Way / Tom Toronto and Patrick Chieffe






















Home Away From Home and Beyond 21

hope you enjoyed having access to this conference. 

Video #1: Attain and Gain / Diana Flanagan (1:2)

Video #2: Attain and Gain / Diana Flanagan and Roman Rubin (2:2)

Video #3: Bright Path Consulting / Abbe Greenberg 

Video #6: DDD / Courtney Davey video (3:4)

Video #4: DDD/Courtney Davey video (1:4) 

*presentation slides were not utilized during this presentation

Video #5: DDD/Courtney Davey video (2:4)

Video #7: DDD / Courtney Davey video (4:4) into Enable

Video #7: Begins with DDD - go to minute mark 6:30 for ENABLE / Fara Vilensky (1:2)

Video #8: ENABLE / Fara Vilensky (2:2)

*presentation slides were not utilized during this presentation

Video #9: Infinity Tomorrow / Errol Selzer (1:2)

Video #10: Infinity Tomorrow / Errol Selzer (2:2) into United Way @ minute mark 6:40

Video #11: United Way / Tom Toronto, Patrick Chieffe / BCUW Madeline Tenants (2:2)

Video #10:  Begins with Infinity Tomorrow - go to minute mark 6:40 for United Way / Tom Toronto, Patrick Chieffe - partial video available only 

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